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FyN-54-CD - 8435015512231

from Freak show to “Extremus Circus”

"We are 15 years old, studied little and we liked the music ... " This is like a good day under the sun of Valencia began to take its first steps Antonomasia.

Essays, comings and goings of components without altering the "hard core band", a couple of demos and the logical evolution ... "Our spirit was giving way to freak gothic first time. " After a first demo "Misterios" in 2004, a only digital album "JesuChristal" that walked on radio and TV, taking his habit to be in the media "finally we realized what we wanted was to be famous." .To present the album, gave their first concert ..... at a party of pensioners.

"La Cabaña de la Vieja Loca" was the 2nd only digital disk which could be heard and trends of today's quintessential techno-pop, rock and even flamenco passed through the sieve of glamor coolest Valencia. With this album came to perform in Madrid, at various festivals and even the opening act The Charlatans. He also had some impact the song "Somos Reinas”, everyone insisted on calling "La Puta Electrónica” (The electronic whore) and a new version is included in the current disc "Gold".
"Por un dulce final" 3rd in digital and physical CDs this time also, ended up defining the band "The vein freak and not let anyone see sporadically but was part of group identity".

And at this day, ANTONOMASIA published "Gold", also on disc "touchable", an real “petarda party”" in which, proud to be who they are, fun, groundbreaking, incorformistas, rebellious and less shame than a striper Carnival in Rio, have assembled their best songs, 22 court-based pop with touches of electronics that do not leave indifferent, but not satisfied with it, wanted to have a series of collaborations, some unusual, and usual, because it of friends, others.

22 songs, 22 hits.... because no place for more.

"¿Por que?" Is the song the first hit single and video co-starring Veronica Bort. A dose of flamenco uncomplexed mail that tells the story of a break and curiously one of the few songs that has not helped anyone Antonomasia 100% pure ...... The way they are.
"No hace falta que intentes cambiar" (with Rosita Amores). A retro-pop song with vintage touches. Ideal for listening to while taking a juice. A true statement. A letter that represents the ideals of the group, accompanied by his greatest muse, The Amores tits.
"Me rompo bailando" (With Helena Bianco). A song that reflects the Valencian night with all that entails. Big Bottle and glamor of the hand of the diva of the 70 in Spain (you know).
"Apostando fuerte" A bleak song, a strange journey that you travel until you do not understand.
“Borrando recuerdos" with Carme Juan. Another statement of principles-based electronic pop vindicates our struggle in the music world since our inception. "Fighting without your help, without asking for compassion."
"Ni tu ni yo" The heavier musical and powerful song on the disc. Burning as a failure. Represents the power of direct incitement to dance and is sung entirely by Sebas.
"Nada más que hacer" a pop-dance track in which Pedro Marín adds a touch dark to Marilyn Manson.
"Amor Viejuno". Bawdy parody of the love of a young boy and an elderly woman who exceeds the limits of the life cycle. Many will feel identified with this story as real as life itself.

Javier González (voice & programations),
Sebastián Gálvez (keyboards + voices + programations) &
Iván Muñoz (drums).

...everybody wants to record with ANTONOMASIA

The list of "guest stars" in "GOLD" could well be the cast of a film by Pedro Almodovar at the time more "cutreluxe" we find vedettes, DJ's, porn stars, singers arrows, TV guest, pin-ups or country singers ..... Yes! rich and varied ... as a paella (forgive the cliché).

Rosita Amores .- No one in Valencia who does not know, a pioneer of "erotic cabaret" since the mid-60 when they had to sharpen your wits to overcome Franco’s censorship and icon of the Valencian party eroticism. His is the classic song "Ponle Menta" or phrases like "I'm not the Callas but I am Rosita Amores, that of the two big tits". Countless plays, 8 sets of TV, including "Ala Dina" in TVE, "La Casa de los Lios" in Antena 3 or "L'Alqueria Blanca" for Channel 9 and 6 movies shown in your resume to now there add the collaboration with Antonomasia. Besides becoming the official band Muse. Participate in "No hace falta que intentes cambiar".

Pedro Marín .- In the late 80's and still very young, he was an fans idol and went on to sell 2,000,000 records, when he wanted to redirect his career toward the rock out suffered misunderstanding of the music industry, not returning until 2006 an album dedicated to Amanda Lear, one of his muses and since then he has not stopped to be present in the most intense. Participate in "Nada más que hacer".

Jet7.- Alterego as a DJ of Nacho Canut (Alaska and Pegamoides, Dinarama, Fangoria). One of the essential pieces of pop-Spanish from the 80's until now. Has the remix of "Me rompo bailando".

Helena Bianco.- From the age of 17 is the lead singer of "Los Mismos", a popular trio in the 60 and 70 with summer song hits such as "El Puente", "Voy a pintar las paredes con tu nombre", "Ata una cinta alrededor del viejo roble", etc ... It is also a partner in the Maria Teresa Campos TV show on Tele 5.
Participate in "Me rompo bailando" With this song, although in a different version, dared to stand for Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the intention of appearing in the tv zapping.

Silvia Padilla.- She was just a housewife when he became famous in 2007 by appearing in the TV show Factor X with the song "Ponte el cinturón” the video was a hit on YouTube with nearly 1,500,000 visits and in all TV programs with zapping. He recorded an EP of 5 tracks and leveled on digital downloads. Before this collaboration, Silvia Padilla and Antonomasia had already shared the stage in Madrid. Participate in "Mira mi marcha".

Verónica Bort.- actres & gothic singer. Participate at “Yo se que me odias” and she’s the star role at the videoclip of the song “¿Por qué?”.

Carme Juan.- Voice and singing teacher, actress and singer. He has made twelve plays, short and has been a host on Channel 9 TV. Just released their 1st album produced by Nacho Mañó (Presuntos Implicados) and his is the song head of the Channel 9 series "L'Alqueria Blanca, where he plays an actress. Participate in "Borrando recuerdos"

Sonia Armela.- Super vedette well known in Valencia, where he performed frequently with his own show in the song that mixes humor, possessing a spectacular physique. Participate in "Un día normal".

Vicky Storm.- Performer, pin-up and also DJ (Freak Storm DJ's). Participates in "Somos Reinas".

Pollo Cowboy.- Emmanuel Aguilera, also known as "Pollo Cowboy" is a country singer from Chihuahua (Mexico), a follower of Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and Billy Ray Cyrus, is preparing a disc. Participate in "Me das".

Antonio El Gato.- archers disco-house, electro and flamenco and also is Javi’s father. Swept Eurovision Song Contest pre-selection with the theme "La Bicicleta" in which video components Antonomasia appear. Participate in "La Moneda".

Spice Burger.- Girls band from Alaquás, without record yet. Participate at “Amor viejuno”.

PSGirl.- DJ from Canary Islands with six records and remixes for bands as Oblique. She do the remix from “Norte º_º”.

Juani Mr^Fly.- DJ & producer from Sevilla. He do it remixes for Lorena C & is part of the bands Lemon Fly & Parabólica. He do the remix from “Noches de Tormenta”.

More guest: L.A. Top.- Band friend, hairdreser & videoclip stitist “¿Por qué?”, also is graphic designer, DJ Mitch, has worked with Orishas and participate on “Un día normal”; LetiDiva excentric guitarrist who colaborate at “Falsos, raros y psicópatas”; & Cristina Rocker on “Fumona”.

Videoclip: ¿Por qué?