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Hermosos Vencidos - cd La ciudad de los semaforos en verde - FyN-24 - Flor y Nata Records
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Hermosos Vencidos
"La Ciudad de los Semáforos en Verde" - FyN-24 - CD

“La Ciudad de los semáforos en verde” (the City of the traffic lights in green) is the CD debut of HERMOSOS VENCIDOS. 13 direct songs, without artifices, totally bastard, close to pop power, garage, rock'n'roll, few agreed ones, much attitude, impregnated to unequal parts of that primivive glam from Marc Bolan (T. Rex) or Slade to explode. Their songs do not hide to their admiration by the most spanish Argentine rock, that than as much it must to the Stones. Their texts surprise by that so simple maturity and the way to express in two minutes experiences that they connect with the listener.

The Cantabrians (from North of Spain) have armed a fresh air to his first disc, the speedic "Fotos of Mila" (Pictures of Mila) (first single) opens the CD with a Hammond that howls like an old Farfisa, the letter is a wink to the "Pictures of Lily" of Pete Townshend (The Who), although in this occasion the sporadic encounter with Mila to the outskirts of Madrid after one of its concerts is the argument of the song, "En Madrid" (In Madrid), “Viejo Pintor” (Old Painter), "En blanco y negro) (In black and white), "La Reina” (The Queen) or “Pequeña Lola” (Little Lola) are also small pieces of histories lived in first person around the love, to lack of affection, the absence, sex, the solitude...

A primitive revision of "Todo Negro", nearer Los Salvajes who to the original "Paint it black" of the Stones, emphasizes next to "El Sueño de Marta” (Marta’s dream) the garage character of the band, with clear reminiscencias to the sounds of the 60 without falling in the revival. Perhaps the acoustic cut that closes the disc or the guessed right revision of "Flaca" (by Andrés Calamaro), still more marks the eclecticism of a trio that over everything sounds to they themselves: energetic, direct and with an impudence that squashes.

Angel Bedia (guitar, maracas and choirs) and Chus Antón (drums and choirs), next to the incredible one frontman that it is David deLlera (voice, guitar and hammond), making a wink to the novel of Cohen (Beautiful Loosers), embark in their own history with an extensive tour that will even take to South America. In the last months it has been possible to see to them sharing scene with: Vilot (Canada), Super Ratones (Argentina), Lords of Altamont (USA) in addition to with Sidonie, Niños Mutantes or Lula and in Festivals like the Templetes Festival 2006 or Naked Sessions 2006, with Howe Geld (USA), Javier Colis, Tav Falco (USA) or Harlan T. Bobo (USA).