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Los Glosters
FyN-1001 - cd-digital "Canciones" - 8435015510626


LOS GLOSTERS was the first band who sign with Flor y Nata Records in his return in 2005 and now they are too the firts in to open a new distribution line.... easyest, faster, cheapest...

“CANCIONES”, 4th record in Flor y Nata Records

“CANCIONES” is the new record from LOS GLOSTERS that you will find only in PPD (Pay per download).
So, You haven’t any reason to haven’t, No way for “I will buy it when go to downtown”, “The records shop haven’t”, “no more copies at the records shop”.....
From your own computer, in just some seconds, at the day and hour you desire, with the highest quality, 100% virus & malware free, with all mp3 files, artwork and extra bonus (when exist).... and cheapest than in the records shop (with this system get out some cost).

In this CANCIONES, you’ll find 8 of these songs made by LOS GLOSTERS that serve the band to get fans around the world. Four new song composed by the band: “Quién”, “Tiempo”, Stop” & the fist hit single “Por la carretera”.

From “Por la carretera” exist a very funny videoclip made in México by Cynthia Calderón and Ramiro Jiménez from Digital Gordon Producciones whete the fabulour five LOS GLOSTERS are like cartoons. With the videoclip you don’t have any doubt about what the lyric means “bellas señoritas, por la carretera, una raya más, ya no se cuantas van, bellas señoritas, un millón de rayas, por la carretera” ..... (Maybe in a diferent language can loose the double sense).


“CANCIONES” have four of the icredible covers made by LOS GLOSTERS, sometimes from 60’s classic hits and sometime from rare and hidden old songs. This time, the most famous (in the Spanish market) is the song used as title for the CD “Canciones”, Massiel 1970’s hit composed by Juan Pardo (former Los Brincos & Juan y Junior) with this song Los Glosters do a tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest 1968 winner.

Also great the cover from “Dime, Dime” by Los Ángeles or “Correr” by Los Flecos. The most curious and the song where they sing to Tarragona, his city is “Imperial Tarraco”, a local hit of the 60’ by Francisco Garrido.

Eight CANCIONES (songs) where do his private sound “pop beat ye-yé” from the 60 in the XXI Century. Or, how they parents get fun !!


1 – Go to www.florynatarecords.com/tienda2.html , search for the LOS GLOSTERS area and follow the link to go to download point. Also at www.portaldisc.com
2 – In live shows, youcan t get an envelope with the artwork and a DOWNLOAD CODE to buy in in the net.
3 – Soon we inform you about new ways to get “Canciones” by LOS GLOSTERS.

+ info sobre Los Glosters - epé "Octubre" - FyN-16

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FyN-27 cd "La Boïte" 8435015509668


Counting, result that LOS GLOSTERS have 10 years making happy to all their fans with their pop ye-ye that reminds the sound of old spanish pop bands of the 60’s like Los Huracanes, Los Brincos, Los Gritos or from outside as Small Faces, Georgie Fame ot The Roulettes and some covers from english or french hidden hits.

In these ten years they have been leaving some another lost song by several essential compilations and two CD-EP's published by Flor y Nata Records, "Escucha" and "Octubre" with really hits like "Sha la la, fin de semana" whose videoclip made in the streets of Tarragona has been able to see in a lot of TV channels and with that they have reached his maximum level of popularity.


Faithfuls to their style, but every day better, have reunited a collection of 16 songs in which they have returned to count on collaborations of true luxury, Igu from The Allnighters in "LA BOITE" that is the one that gives to title to disc, the one of Alex Diaz "Cooper" in "Modesty Blaise" that in addition is first in which Héctor Mir (keyboards) dares to compose lyrics and already known Ricky Gil in "Juego a tres", Juan De Pablos (RNE Radio 3) in "No, no, no", Gabi Alegret en “Sin ti” and Miqui Puig in "El Malo".


The miniskirt, vespas, the Seat 600 (a car), all icons of the 60’s, but Who do not have in house one of those vinyl EP's from Fundador cognac? LOS GLOSTERS have composed him a song.... has done justice!
But it is not the only surprise of "LA BOÎTE", also includes songs looked for like "Mirame" that only was in compilation "Sonidos de la Costa Este" or "A Veces" only included in "Tentaciones Indies" or very asked "Nastic de Tarragona" that dedicated to their favorite football team agreeing with their ascent to 1st division, that has become everything a hymn (something like “You never walk alone”) and in which it collaborated narrating a goal of them "granas" Enric Pujol, head of sports of RNE in Tarragona. This song remained unpublished until now and track is included as a bonus, but ONLY IN THE FIRST EDITION of the CD, as well as videoclip of "Sha la la, fin de semana". A complete CD.... did not fit nothing else.


The edition of "LA BOITE" will suppose to LOS GLOSTERS to leave them new to the highway showing its new songs as they already made before in 1st Festival of Pop Culture of Madrid, the Tarraco 60's Mod Festival, the Tour of AIE Artists in Route, the Technicolor Dream Project, October in route and some others.

LOS GLOSTERS are: Ramón Cuenca (voice), Puri Pedrola (bass), Carlos García (guitar & voices), Evan Dedes (drums) & Hector Mir (hammond & voices).

Other records: CD EP “Escucha!” (Flor y Nata Records 2005) ¡ CD Compilation “Sonidos de la Costa Este” (PSM Music 2005) ¡ CD EP “Octubre” (Flor y Nata Records 2006) and CD Compilation “Tentaciones Indies” (PSM Music 2006)

+ info sobre Los Glosters - epé "Octubre" - FyN-16

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Los Glosters
FyN-16 ep "Octubre"

Roman Empire most mod & ye-yé quintet band publishes his second disc with the indie label Flor y Nata Records. This new one is a EP with four own songs and one version under the generic title of OCTUBRE.

SHA LA LA, FIN DE SEMANA is the hit from this new disc, a song that narrates the count down towards a wished week end in which the obligations are left back and in that by aim of it can give to loose rein to which each one desires to him to do, in this case something as simple as to have in fun.
There's a videoclip from this song, enclosed too at the EP, directed by Josep Sentis from Sengar TV. In the video LOS GLOSTERS take advantage of to show some corners to us of their city, Tarragona.

The disc is completed with EL MALO in that there are counted with the collaboration of Miqui Puig (ex- Los Sencillos), the one that gives to title to CD OCTUBRE, SIN TI, with another guest of luxury: Gaby Alegret, the charismatic voice of Los Salvages (an legandary band from the 60's) and LA IRRESPONSABLE (Le responsable), a cover of a classic French of 1969 who have sung from Brigitte Bardot to more recently Vanessa Paradis.

LOS GLOSTERS are: Evan Dedes (drums), Puri Pedrola (bass), Héctor Mir (órgan y voices), Ramón Cuenca (lead voice) &Carlos García (guitar & voices).

With the success of this new record, LOS GLOSTERS will initiate a tour that will extend until end del summer 2006 in which also they will interpret MIRAME, a song included at the compilation SONIDOS DE LA COSTA ESTE issued recently that already has become one of the most wanted by the collectors of its songs.

Download the information about EP "Octubre" (doc format).
More info here

+ fotos de los glosters - FyN 15

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FyN-15 ep"Escucha !"

LOS GLOSTERS was founded in Tarragona at 1997, as an evolution from a former ban called "Els Pirats". The new band was formed by five: Evan Dedes (drums), Puri Pedrola (bass), Hector Mir (organ & voices), Ramón Cuenca (lead voice) & Carlos García (guitar & voices).
Music style is based on pop ye-yé and beat from the spanish bands of the 60's, ...& with influences from the british mod movement of the same time.
Three releases:
-Single from Los Glosters 'Uh La La' at 1998 with the songs: Pronto te Dejaré (Andrews), La Rubia del Lunar, Uh La La, Pintor de palabras & Las cosas cambian (Crooper, Floyd, Jackson).
-Atl 2002 releases the CD Los Glosters 'Los Glosters' with the songs: Vivir Feliz, Frente Al Mar, Estuve Enamorado (Raphael), Ella y Yo, Soledad, Llámame (Bee Gees), La Chica Ideal & Veo Visiones (Los Gritos).
-And at 2005 the maxi-ep 'Escucha!' with features from Ricky Gil & Juan de Pablos with the songs: Juego a tres, Brown Paper Sack (Escucha) (The Gentrys), Oigo tu voz & No no no (The Pops).
Some of their sons are included in some compilations: At 1998 'Especial hits 98' with the song Pronto te dejaré. And on 1999 at 'La máquina que hace pop 5' with two songs: Uh la la y La rubia del lunar.

All their biography from 1997 until today.
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