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Blame the Dog - cd "Blame the Dog" - Flor y Nata Records
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Blame the Dog
"Blame the Dog"
FyN-48-CD - 8435015512118

Blame the Dog rebel against foreseeable seeking refuge in music to get out of the norm

In his own words, "Blame the Dog is a group that rebelled against the predictable and seeks refuge in the music needs to get out of the norm." A definition that certainly arouse the curiosity and interest of more restless ears.

To reach Blame the Dog

Alfonso Agúndez (vocals, guitar), Emilio Váquez (guitar and vocals), Nacho García (drums) and Rubén García (bass and vocals) formed the band in Badajoz (West Spain) at mid-2008. In just three years have seen a wide range of subjects own power characterized by its rhythms and guitars and emotion in his melodies and lyrics, in addition to a resume that includes being finalists in the competition models in Badajozrock 2008 which was his debut on stage, the appearance on the compilation album Obando Rock 3 ", winners of the Second Contest Group Gouman 2009 and Musiva 2009, second in the Iberocio Band Contest, and in 2010 have been nominated as a group disclosed in the Extremadura Music Awards and second in the Festival Suberock in San Vicente de Alcantara.

In Sonorama 2010 Festival with all the best

In the summer of 2010 were invited to participate in Sonorama Festival, one of the most important festivals where they shared the stage with The Raveonettes, Loquillo and Los Planetas and also some of the most interesting bands of the indie scene as Sidonie, Delorean, Lori Meyers Tachenko, Los Punsetes, Vinila Von Bismark or Arizona Baby.

"If you do not like what you do, how can you convince people?"

And it's time to get to burn the disc as they are called "BLAME THE DOG", this will shut them in the Silence Studios, where support in a very elaborate and emotive melodies, compositions achieved complete maverick, in some cases approach the British rock and other styles as varied as a symphonic rock or American rock.

In "Looking at the door" which is his first hit single of the "Blame the Dog" emerges stronger side of the group. This song have a video that enriches the song by adding a hypnotic and disturbing component that pushes you up the volume to the limit.
"Sometimes" is one of the most "American" disc, a song from the beginning intimate grows based on guitars and vocals.
10 songs in their first full length, we let you go discovering ...

Videoclip: "Looking at the door"