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Emmerson - ep "Las rayas de tu vestido" FyN-1003 - Flor y Nata Records
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Emmerson - ep digital- FyN-1003
"Las rayas de tu vestido"

EMMERSON “Las Rayas de tu vestido”.

EMMERSON already have a reputation in the pop scene in Valencia thanks to the five years of concerts, and his previous work "Y el cielo se volvió gris".

Followers declared Lori Meyers, Los Planetas, Vetusta Morla, Cooper, Ivan Ferreiro and Love of Lesbian, which already gives us clues as to what we will find in the 6 issues that are "Las rayas de tu vestido". Where to start MI HIPOTÉTICO BIENESTAR present us a song you get hooked on first listen and who have made a video you can watch on YouTube

Lyrics maintained and hook in the chorus,
classic pop and sharp guitars

In his short career, EMMERSON much has been said and well. Here are a couple of examples of this:

"... A solid foundation as three of its four components come from a previous project, "Cómic", which since 2005 has been involved in the rock scene in Valencia. Finalists rock circuit in Valencia that same year, in 2006, Cadena 100, Vodafone and Sony-BMG organizing a contest in which the group achieved a finalist from over 2,000 bands in Spain, since 2007, one of his songs is the sports program tuning Grada 9 (Ràdio Nou) in Valencian regional radio, In 2009 he was selected to play in the contest Sona Dipu, sharing the stage with Vetusta Morla, that same year, the group qualifies for the contest Heineken Greenspace, out of more than 3,000 national groups. During the past five years, local whole community (València Community) have seen this band live. in 2010 were selected again in the contest Sona La Dipu and then acting on the Circuit de la Tardor which also organizes the Council of Valencia. Few letters kept and the hook their choruses are the letter of compositions capable of playing between classic pop melodies and the sharp sound of their guitars. " (LasProvincias.es)

"... With his music and lyrics, seeks to highlight the most unexplored subconscious feelings. Their songs are intimately related to the dark, apocalyptic vision they have of human behavior. Yet sometimes this perception Life is flooded, according to Emmerson, "a breath of happiness and nostalgic", also reflected in his most motivating. Their influence is basically pop and in each of his melodies reinforces the message content to convey what each song is saying. " (ElPeriodic.com)

EMMERSON are: Borja on rhythm guitar and vocals, Toni on lead guitar and vocals, Ger on bass; Javi on drums and vocals, and Roberto on keyboards.