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Los Retrovisores - cd "La nostalgia ya no es lo que era" - Flor y Nata Records
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Los RetroVisores
"La nostalgia ya no es lo que era"
FyN-42-LP 8435015511296
FyN-43-CD 8435015511302

LOS RETROVISORES, “La Nostalgia ya no es lo que era” (Nostalgy doesn't no more what it was).

Few times the band name and that the record name have said so much in so few words. They are current but watch back with some nostalgy. That is why that sound that us moves to the sixties and that themselves define as “neo ye-yé, freak pop and iberic soul ”.

"La Nostalgia ya no es lo que era" (“Nostalgy doesn't no more what it was”) is not just a fantastic songs collection, also is a conceptual idea that is reflected in the irony of lyrics. Los Retrovisores want to get the right the direction of the world. Sad and desolate before the economical crisis, social and moral, these talented ones musicians propose to recover values of yesteryear to overcome the disastrous current conjecture and to return the smile to the people of iberia.

Los Retrovisores are a mix of Bruno Lomas & la Moreneta, Barcelona Football Club in the President Montal years & Orange Mirinda, Tuset Street & licor 43, the Simca 1000 & Liutenant Colombo, Leonidas Bresnev & Timbaler del Bruc... (all this are spanish and world 60's & 70's icons)

In it strictly musical emphasize the use of the brass, voice games, the hammond organ and the dab reggae/soul that do that Los Retrovisores, still taking lent elements, have created a distinctive sound and staff.

Los Retrovisores are of Barcelona, what is already warned in some references as in “No más martes” in which us liven up in the often stuck Ronda de Dalt (a ‘fast’ way of the city). Until now his songs it was necessary to seek them in compilations (L’Edat Daurada, Moderno pero español, Volumen 8). In 2007 were nominated to Prizes Pop Eye in the category of group soul. And finally in 2009 give the jump and are presented with his own complete record. There is no doubt that it is a question of a debut more than brilliant in which will find...

Dieciséis” (16 years old) is the first hit single. The song start with some striking metals that give passed to the history of the eternal dispute on the arrival time home of a teenager of 16 years old. Main voice and choirs move us at 60’s, of having fact then, it can have signed perfectly by Juan & Junior (famous spanish duet in the 60’s), although it does not be clear if the situation is current or of the period of the 60’s parties. It there are things that do not change.

But the disc does not finish here, we must stop in the irony of “Interludio I, surfin' Ocata” or “Pijos of Pop”, the present time of “2008: la crisis” and other pieces as “Sin ti no sale el Soul” or “El gran guateque”. A complete and essential disc.

Los Retrovisores are :
Víctor el Peole (voice, guitar & chorus),
Pere el Boltxevic (guitar, chorus & keyboard),
Leonardo Guateque (bass, chorus & drums),
Gunzals “el portugues” (keyboards, chorus & guitars),
Alejo sir Al (drums, chorus & trombons),
Moses “el profeta” (baritone & high sax),
Artur Marteens (trumpet)
Joan Velasco (tenor sax)
& Gustavo Valeria (trombon).

Recorded in Kinky Lab by Alejo Peloche.