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Los Radiadores - ep-cd "Bienvenido" - Flor y Nata Records
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Los Radiadores
FyN-49-EP-CD - 8435015512163

“Bienvenido”, anything more than rock

LOS RADIADORES, Raul Tamarit’s band, saw first light in 2002, but only to record a cover of "A quien le importa" in a tribute to Alaska (a legend in the Spanish music scene), shortly after, the versatile Raul, who also headed the mythical radio show "La Sustancia Verde" (10 years on the air), he enlisted as a guitarist in UNA SONRISA TERRIBLE, band that has released albums and performed in numerous venues.

After participating in 2008 in another tribute album, LOS RADIADORES reappear again and this time to stay with the intention of returning to basic and elemental rock dominated the naturalness and spontaneity.

LOS RADIADORES are formed by Raul Tamarit (vocals), José Antonio Nova "El Joven" (guitar and vocals), Luis González Galván (bass and vocals) and Vicente "Metralla" Vila (drums) and emerging daily surrounded songs a solid attitude.

Meanwhile LOS RADIADORES have been in major concert halls, especially in Valencia, they home city, sometimes even sharing the stage with other band from the label Flor y Nata Records as No-Frosth and Hondonero. Polishing a direct songs and will fully austere, where it was about rock in its purest form, though with some personal, the end of the rock in nature.

El Parque es mío (The Park is mine)

The result of all this work comes their first full album under his name, the EP "Bienvenido", which have collaborated Manolo Divago Bertran (from Dr. Dibago), Antonio Chumillas and Dani Cardona in the production of which in principle will highlight the theme "El Parque es mio" , Heavy and haunting song with a touch 80's, a song that has been done a video directed by Sergio Gimeno Benlliure and shot in natural settings Chulilla near Loriguilla Lake, within the province of Valencia, in which LOS RADIADORES adopting a role, "western" with an absolutely unespected end.

The EP-CD also includes other gems such as "Bienvenido", "Los Generales", "Quiero dormir", a success and future potential hit-single or "Echate a temblar" ending rather than leaving a pleasant taste in your ears and many, but many, want to see live to LOS RADIADORES.

Videoclip: "El parque es mío"