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La Amenaza Amarilla - cd "...desde Corea del Norte" FyN-38 - Flor y Nata Records
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La Amenaza Amarilla
"...desde Corea del Norte" - FyN-38 - CD- 8435015510787

and it does not vaccine available

So next few months will be victims of a rock surge punk-rock that will affect all and that will do that dance and sing at the pace of the songs of LA AMENAZA AMARILLA (The Yellow Threat).

These three boys from Córdoba (Spain), are declared fans of Ramones, Buzzcocks, Nikis, Vegetales and Airbag and Airbag are not be ashamed in admitting nor in giving his dab to his songs.
Songs that until now was only as a “demo” in two deliveries: “Klaatu Barada Niktó” (a tribute to the movie “The day the earth stood still”) and “La Venganza de Fu-Manchú” and in some compilation as “10 años en Sing Sing” of tribute to Los Nikis, would not have enough more! ..so “La Amenaza Amarilla” is one of the most famous songs' by Los Nikis.

In 2004 and after being seconds in the Lagarto Rock contest, the group was out of service almost three years (... things that happend), but in 2007 returned and they made it for the big door, sharing stage with Marky Ramone, one of his usual idols.

At the time had of course it was necessary to go to for the record... (and that did not be able to it to take out anyone).
The result is this “... desde Corea del Norte” (“... from North Korea”).

“...from NORTH KOREA”, a Punk-Rock regime

“Los surfistas Nazis deben morir” has a catchy refrain, almost would be able to be a slogan of not being because it portrays an unimaginable stage, Nazis in Malibú?..... if, and pinguinos in Sahara!
The song, that is the first hit single, is inspired by the Peter George ‘s movie “Surf Nazis must die”, a clasic of the B series by Troma producer.
“(Nacido para ser) popular” (“(Born to be) popular”) supposes a real declaration of intent
“Joey se fue” (“Joey’s gone”,) it’s about Joey Ramone, is one of his classics hits, hummed in the concerts for his unconditional ones that finally will be able to her to enjoy in format CD and/or digital.
“No te lo pienso decir” (“I do not think it to you to say”) is as a machine gun that punk shoots without leaving to breathe.
“Miedo a las pelis de terror” (“Fear about terror movies”) is a tribute to the other favorite topic of La Amenaza Amarilla.
In “Tratando de olvidar” (“Trying to forget”) us remember to one of those “slow” songs by Ramones.
“Córtate el pelo” (“Cut you the hair”) recovers the speed with a refrain of it more hygenic: “: “Jipi, cortate el pelo, jipi, cortatelo” intended for be chanted by thousands of throats toggeter.
“Neumonía asiatica”, “No quiero recordar”, “Ella es eléctrica”, “Junto a ti”, “Contra la pared” & “La última canción complete 13 cuts

Dr.Gonzo voice & guitar,
Sebas bass & voices,
& Manolo drums.