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The Bikinis- ep Tu antes molabas- FyN-25 - Flor y Nata Records
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The Bikinis
"Tu antes molabas" - FyN-25 - EP - 8435015509507

Bikini: Very small island of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean and very small swimsuit of two pieces that girls often dont use the up half (whaaaaa !). Yes, OK..., but also... to be a real BIKINI it is to be fan of THE BIKINIS.

THE BIKINIS we formed in Elche – Elx (Spain), that are more near the beach of which it seems. We are: Pablo Bikini (bass and voice), Carlos Bikini (guitar and choirs) and Alex Bikini (drums), the three of the generation post The Muppets and what we do you can call it real pop-punk.

He does a loooooooong time, In 2005 and in the heat of adolescence teenpunk, listening to punkpop while we saw teen movies, to date girls, we decided to join itself to amuse to the personnel with short, direct, energetic songs, with self-confidence and naivete of institute but over everything amused. The origin of the name already you we will count it when we see, it’s a funny story...

We like: Depressing Claim, Linda Guilala, Airbag, Shock Treatment, Fanta, La La Love You, La Casa Azul, Ramones, DDT and in special Jupiter Moon and Los Nikis of whom they say that we are its direct heirs.

Talking about records, we were released on 2006 including two songs in the CD compilation of emergent bands "U9" that by the sight has called the attention of the specialized medias, that knows so much about this.

We have played a lot of times, even with La La Love You, Royal Crown Revue, Viernes 13, DDT, FatFood, in 4th Celebration of tribute to Los Nikis in Madrid and with Stukas Rakudas, with which we shared the presentation in Alicante of "U9". You do not see... specifically came people from Valencia and Madrid.

As the people of Flor y Nata Records have trusted in us, we have recorded a EP with the title of "Tu antes molabas" for which we have had the vibrant production of Joaquin Niki and Pelayo DDT (... a luxury goes) and have done a videoclip that either you will see....

The songs of the disc are: "Amigos” (Friends) (First hit single and videoclip), "Batido de Chocolate", "Pelis de adolescentes" (Teen Movies) and "Si todo se acaba” (If everything ending).

Then that, that we hoped that you like and that you are also a “BIKINIS”. More about THE BIKINIS (on us, not on the island or the swimsuit) at: MySpace/thebikinis