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Nada Personal
"De un lugar extraño"
FyN-53-EP-CD - 8435015512224

NADA PERSONAL: Songs are over everything

NADA PERSONAL is a musical project located between the pop of author and the author's indie-pop, which is covered under the figure of Carlos Piedra, songs composer and who has been seen and listen in the main venues of Madrid (Galileo Galilei, Moby Dick, Siroco, Costello, etc ...) in other projects, either under his own name or as La Esfera.

DE UN LUGAR EXTRAÑO, An EP of concentrated pop sound

For this "DE UN LUGAR EXTRAÑO" his first album, Carlos Piedra is accompanied by Jaime Summers (guitar) and Alex Olmedo (La Naranja China) as a producer in the studio. The result is a cross between pop tradition of the 80 (Antonio Vega), the most indie of the late 90's and the latest trends (Love of Lesbian, The New Raemon). The EP, issued by Flor y Nata Records, the oldest of the spanish independent labels (1981 - 2011), can kook small, in fact it is an EP of 5 tracks (6 in digital) pop fact that heart and naturally distilled lyrics Carlos, who sees life as "... up in the morning, take the guitar and start writing songs that reach people".

"UN RIFLE EN EL CORAZÓN" The song chosen as the first hit single with the collaboration of Lucia Garcia on vocals giving the song an air reminiscent of the rhythmic songs of Le Mans and convoluted with a letter to the illustrious the early 80's. The 100% pure essence of pop. This song has a video clip that does not lack any visuals of pop iconography, you could see the video without sound and you would know that this is a pop song. Filmed on purpose in a single scene, no cuts, in an exercise far more meritorious conduct which may seem at first glance.
You're waiting for things to happen ... and it happen!

"MAGDALENA" is the story of someone who dreams of returning home with the money he earned by working hard and enjoying a new status. A key point in almost open to interpretation that nevertheless has a memorable chorus and as the song says "I'm staying with Magdalena. "
As a bonus track "LA REVOLTOSA", which is only in the online edition of the disc. Although sure that eventually ends in a "Greatest Hits" ... a matter of time. A perfect collection of pop songs, of which you are in the head, which have "something" you do not know it but do you like, have that "something " that only have artists / groups that operate outside the intricacies of the industry and create when given the need for things with your own style.

And is that "... Above all are the songs above interpretation, above the technical implementation of the executor, above the musical envelope, over the success and failure in the end, the songs are only ... "

Videoclip: "Un rifle en mi corazón"