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Hondonero - cd "Zodiaco" - Flor y Nata Records
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Hondonero - "Zodiaco" - FyN-33
The surprising return of HONDONERO

ZODIACO is HONDONERO’s second delivery for Flor y Nata Records, after acclaimed "SEÑALES" of 2006. On the road from the time enough like to have turned a solid and experienced band, the band from Málaga (South of Spain) offer a work to us that will surprise with new details since without separating from its roots pleasingly as group of rock and power pop made in Andalucia (not to confuse with the Andalusian Rock) They show us an album that surprises with each new listening and that it catches to the listener by its amplitude of registries. To its habitual guitar pulsión they have added analogical sintethizers, acoustic guitars, samplers, sítars, harmonicas and incredible refrains completing a work full of good music and wonderful songs.
The good creative moment of HONDONERO is reflected in this ZODIACO, in which far from falling in the routine, they explore new registries and shades coming from the listening of Fountains of Wayne, Tom Petty, Gigolo Aunts, Jeevas, The Cars or Cheap Trick.

Every song, a new surprise

Nobody that listens to "90 Grados" – First hit single- will be able to avoid to tararear its enthusiastic, power and contagious refrain; to let itself surround by the synthesized load of the implacable rock of "Zodiaco"; to inhale the cosmic aromas of "Gurú" or "Ritual"; to dance to the rate of tense pop power of "Angel" or "Hacer siempre lo mismo"; to let itself take by sweeping instruments "Blues Explosion"; or to be surprised with the climate "to clubber" of "Crybaby"; until a that new acoustic facet which they develop in skillful "Mar de dudas" or felt "Casi Todo" seems a suit to size for the quartet.

Recorded at los Audiogest estudios in Antequera (Málaga) by José Quintana, band drummer, so perflectly knower of his sound & mastered in Audiomatic (Madrid) by Jose Mª Rosillo, (Amaral, Los Ronaldos, Deluxe, Sunday Drivers, etc...) thar also worked in the last CD “SEÑALES”.
At this CD we can find some colaborations. Manolo Bertrán give his voice at “Mar de dudas“ (It was a great pleasure for HONDONERO the presence of DR. DIVAGO singer), and Charly Rompeharmónicas (Hairy Nipples) that play live with the band and at “Blues Explosion”.

“ZODIACO, 12 songs, 12 jewels”.

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SEÑALES is the fourth disc in the discography of HONDONERO one of the reference groups pop-rock & garage in Malaga. In active-duty from principles of the 90's they have adapted to the times, polishing and creating an own sound that makes very personal to the first agreed ones. HONDONERO: Robust guitars and melodies contagious These are signs of identity of one of the bands more consolidated of the independent southern spanish scene. With three previous albums in the market, Tension (1992), Salto al Vacio (1997) and Blacksoul's Club (2000) and collaborations in several compilations: Shared in common Boquerones Solidarios, Homenaje a 091, Homenaje a la Movida, etc....

The group led by the Mateo brothers: Juan (voice, guitars and sitar), Jose M (bass and voices) and Jorge (guitars) and Jose Quintana (drums) incorporate this time programmed sounds and sitars demonstrating a clear evolutionary vocation away from the sound of a rock band.

Conscious that this fourth disc, sent by Flor y Nata Records, is a break point in their trajectory has chosen to get off itself the style exercises in which they were based to make a disc of "SONGS" that drink del direct pop-rock: "Diferente", "Esclavo de tu piel", "Lo Mejor de ti", pop power as "Señales", "Reflejos", or a tribute to bands like Smithereens in "Sangre y rosas" to the experimentation with details that remember to Beatles: "Electric raga", to end up with pure rock sound as in "Suerte", "Ying & yang", "Como tu lo recordabas".

A very important detail to consider in this record is the exotic contribution of sitar, an instrument from India that used by Juan Mateo gives to some of the HONDONERO songs a special air fusing its traditional sound (that already former Beatle George Harrison used at his moment) with the rythmical push of pop-rock sound.

This time the production has made by Jose Quintana, band drumer, has been recorded in Audiogest (Antequera, Spain) and has counted with the mastering work by Jose Mª Rosillo (producer of Marlango, Sunday Drivers, Josele or Deluxe) that has left its seal in the final resultl.

SEÑALES is a records of pop music in Spanish language for which they look for "feeling" and good songs to sing in front a live performance. HONDONERO: A live sound at the level of the best ones Recently has been able to see to them sharing scene with other important spanish bands as Pereza, Iguana Tango, The Feedbacks, Killer Barbies, Revolver, Dr.Divago, Digital 21 or Tabletom reflecting that is an eclectic group with direct in which they venerate to the classic ones (The Who, Rolling Stones) and when guitar power a pop in general.

In forcoming dates HONDONERO will start a tour to present their album issued by Flor y Nata Records, the pioneer of the Barcelonian indies, with which also they will publish his next one album.

The CD includes too the videoclip from the song that give title to the complete album “SEÑALES”.

Ref: FyN-19
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