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Telegrama start on 1980 in Badalona (city close to Barcelona). All 18 years old members was Berto Rodríguez (bass & lead voice), José Belmonte (guitar), Jordi Miró (drums) & Juan Antonio a la (rythm guitar).
Influences from The Jam, The Who, Vapors, etc turn the sound into power pop (Telegrama was the firsr band to introduce this label) and approaches to the mod movement in Barcelona. Performing in the few venues of Barcelona and province during the year 1981. They emphasize the concerts in the old Zeleste and Magic, Playing with groups of the moment like the Rebeldes, Loquillo, Sprays or C-Pillos, that turn into party.
That year they do some demo tapes and they walk them by the majority of radio stations of the zone. The performances follow one another and have their apogee when they play with Ian Dury in the Festa de Treball in Montjuic Mountain (Barcelona) in September.
They keep on playing in Barcelona although without disc, being considered one of the best band of the catalan new wave. While, the mod movement increases, with the appearance of new bands like Brighton64 with which they play more than an occasion. They talk with some records companies without success, in the 82 ` decides to record a single with his hit "Chica del Metro", on Flor y Nata Records, pioneer in the Catalan independent scene. The design of the cover makes Manolo Garci'a, who then was in Los Rápidos. The disc appears in March and quickly it exhausts his initial issue, being placed in 2ª position of the ranking ` los 33 of Radio3 ' of the program "Esto no es Hawaí" presented by Jesus Ordovás, leader of the national independent hearing in a national network radio.
In May the band travels to Madrid to record one of first ` video-clips' of the time for special del program "Pista Libre" on TVE. Of this program was issued the album /vynil) ` Locos por la Música`. They take advantage of this trip to make visits to the programs of radio of Ordovás, Juan de Pablos,...
In July of that same year and without time for more, the group takes leave to the great festival Badarock of Badalona because the obligatory military service. Still they are able to meet in December in a short permission and record what will be its last sonorous document: a demo tape of 4 songs produced in just a short time and with little means and in which they show a more aggressive sound. In those days they make a last performance in the Metro venue of Barcelona.
When they back from army, thnks are changed, new music influences make that the band spend his time closed A la vuelta de la ‘mili’ las cosas han cambiado, las nuevas influencias musicales de sus miembros los hace encerrar en el local de ensayo. Of this way they begin to experience new ways and they decide to close the Telegrama stage.

Ref: FyN-15
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