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Some Electric Noise - cd "Blackout" - Flor y Nata Records
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Some Electric Noise (S.E.N.)
FyN-47-CD - 8435015511715

Some Electric Noise (S.E.N.), “Blackout”, new CD

S.E.N. (Some Electric Noise) take shape with the arrival of Sergio Salesa (voice) and the characteristic sound of Albert's guitar band that output at its own stamp and character set. The band from Montornés del Vallés (near Barcelona) aims to more alternative sounds, indie and postpunks, taking as references to Depeche Mode, The Cure, Suede, David Bowie and Joy Division mixed with grunge and brit pop sounds like Nirvana', Pearl Jam, Blur or Radiohead.

Since then, Some Electric Noise (S.E.N.) acquire speed, define your personality, create songs and performing live, coming to share the stage with Delorean, Pragua, Anika Sade, Half Foot Outside, Bearlin, Nothink, the aussies Heligoland or opening for the Jay Jay Johanson Swede in Spain during their tour in late 2007.

Mexico and Germany and have found them

In 2007 they released their first album "Departure Place" produced by Santi Garcia (Unfinished Sympathy, Nueva Vulcano, etc ...). With the acting often in the indie circuit and that from the social networks have indroduce in markets as diverse as Mexico and Germany, where he anxiously awaiting a new release of the band.

In 2009, the band goes through some changes that culminate in early 2010 leaving Some Electric Noise (S.E.N.) definitely made up Salesa Sergio (vocals), Albert Osdorgoitea (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Isaac Cortes (bass) and Alejandro Quintana (drums).

Between 2009 and early 2010 made two albums only digital, "The Lost Songs" and "The Lost Songs Vol 2."

Blackout, the definitive disc

With his move to Flor y Nata Records, the best thing that could happen, according to a comment on his MySpace, comes his new album "BLACKOUT", an album in which Some Electric Noise (S.E.N.) have have watched every detail of production and be proud that over the years, when as "oldies" still playing current and powerful.

"Blackout" opens with "Hands" (first hit single) which is the story of when you realize that nobody has the right to say what can and can not do with your life, and if you have no reason to be embarrassed in front of (show my hands). It is the story of a new beginning, with clear bases.

Continuing with the energetic "The death of the radio son" in which S.E.N. speak of a person who does not live and let live, one of those so-called friends, of which his phone call, always brings problems that sometimes you'll end up dragging.

"Primal Fear" speech of those nights when you can not sleep, a state of anxiety, and these false sensations which must be faced that night but we are real, the storm always comes from

It is also curious story of "Years of fire and rage", a song composed in the wake of a statement of the Bishop of San Sebastian shortly after the earthquake that devastated Haiti and which the Church is not that well. They will tell the whole story ...