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Leissiel - ep "Flores secas" FyN-1004 - Flor y Nata Records
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Leissiel - ep - FyN-1004
"Flores secas"

"Flores Secas" of Leissiel

Leissiel born in the south of Valencia, Murcia border almost in Orihuela (Alicante).
Leissiel members come from a formation called "Elastic Juice", who sang in English, with which acted alongside bands such as Sidonie, La Habitación Roja, Fangoria, etc. . After each followed different personal projects and in 2010 decided to get together without express approaches and have fun.

The name "LEISSIEL" is a free and phonetic transformation of the French "Le Ciel", which freely adapted for more sound and ease of pronunciation in Castilian.

This EP, debut album "Flores Secas", is engraved in Rockaway Castelló Studios in 2012, and has co 4 themes:
Flores Secas
Hoy (first single)
Contaré hasta diez

Impregnated great ethical values, and amalgamating the Western and Eastern culture in their ways of thinking and seeing, tell us your job you want to go beyond the music, to express a concept of life based on positive values, respect, tolerance, and unity, among others.
According to them: "Only when the musician and the instrument together, the music comes from somewhere unknown, and that's when you can see the opportunity to express and convey that pure energy, able to form an invisible link between the Universe, Music and humans. "

Although they fall more into the "indie rock", offered to place his music, the fact is that his melodies close to the indie-pop, without dropping into whining, with sharp guitars and rhythmic bases well marked. The voice at times we can remember some of the great figures of the state rock, but with a few tracks finally achieved excel and be unique.
With the current lineup have shared the stage with Suzy & Quattro, The Leadings and Niños Mutantes, to name a few.

The letters tell us that they feel things, like the song of their first single, "Flores Secas", the flowers are a good representation of the transience of life, and as soon bloom and fade, it's time to live intensely . Or the lyrics of "Hoy", which also represents the idea of ??living the present moment, exhausting all possibilities.