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Hule - cd "Entre comillas" - FyN-46 - Flor y Nata Records
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"Entre comillas"
FyN-46-CD 8435015511685

HULE, “to doubt takes away the opportunity”

"Doubt takes away the opportunity" is one of the verses of “Tres domingos por semana” (Three Sundays in a week), the first song from HULE disc, which true to their own texts, have been clear, they were presented the opportunity to realize their work in a disk, and did not hesitate to leave no escape.

The result is this "Entre Comillas", most elaborate Madrid debut of this quartet that bears since 2006, providing her songs in concert halls throughout the Community and increasing day by day the number of fans (27,000 hits on myspace).

Andrés Galera (vocals), Patrick Hathaway (guitar), Diego Galache (bass and vocals) and Pitu (drums and percussion) have shaped this "Entre Comillas", "because we are not sure that everything seriously, or perhaps yes” CUE studies in Madrid with Carlos Mesas, finishing the mixing and mastering in RDS studies with César Berzal also contributed to recording his concertina, harmonica, mandolin and arrangements.

But Caesar was not the only collaboration, it should be noted also Raquel Villalón (vocals), Pepe Troya (trumpet) and Micky (keyboards).

“ENTRE COMILLAS”, indie-powerpop & hard worked lyrics

The result is 11 pieces of indie-powerpop with lyrics that sometimes worked verging on poetic surrealism and guess where the influences of his musical references: El Niño Gusano, Los Piratas, Radio Futura, Heroes del Silencio, Tachenko, La Costa Brava , Los Planetas ...

"Olivia Wilde" is the song chosen as the first single, a song that begins as a sort of lullaby to psychedelic powerpop lead to a bomb. Unbridled guitars and drums serve as paths where she danced a hypnotic melody that keeps playing long lines between the beautiful and impossible. Their trumpets end star of the brightest moments that keeps this collection of pop gems "Entre Comillas."