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Los Radiadores - ep-cd "Bienvenido" - Flor y Nata Records
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Los Radiadores &La Gran Esperanza Blanca
"La Balada de Diarte y Kempes"
FyN-61-EP-CD - 8435015513221


Can a song about a sport or athlete to go beyond a mere song of support? Can they be emotions, memories and passions of football reviled and ubiquitous raw material of a good song?

If at the baseball world has been possible with issues of substance as "Centerfield" by John Fogerty, "Catfish" by Bob Dylan or the update in rock of the great stories of baseball conducted by The Baseball Project, why not try it with football/soccer?, in fact as other futbolistan Ibrahimovich, Van Nistelroy or Diego Maradona himself have them.

LOS RADIADORES and LA GRAN ESPERANZA BLANCA have been clear. LOBO DIARTE & MARIO ALBERTO KEMPES deserved it. And putting in the service of memory their weapons, they have done.

"EL AULLIDO DEL LOBO" tells of the great center forward "Lobo" Diarte player with a great personality on and off the pitch, with added artistic side, as did his first steps into the world of the song, and dedicated after hanging boots to discover talents Paraguayan football for Spanish football. His figure, huge in the field, let some time after succumbing to cancer. LOS RADIADORES witnesses of transmitting life Carlos Diarte, have decided to offer his heartfelt tribute in the form of rock'n'roll. Surely he would have loved it.

"NOSTALGIA DE BELL VILLE" features the debut of the best player in the history of Valencia C. F., on August 16th, 1976, in the Naranja Cup match where Valencia CF v/s CSKA Moscow. Kempes played a disastrous failing sung goals and wandering to a penalty. But who could know what that hairy Argentina was going to yield? In the summer of 1978, Kempes was the best player in the world, twice "scorer" in the Spanish league and champion and '78 World Cup top scorer, and also was one of ours.

EL AULLIDO DEL LOBO & NOSTALGIA DE BELL VILLE are two songs enclosed at the CD, LA BALADA DE DIARTE Y KEMPES, the CD complete with two new ones. LOS RADIADORES plays a version of the legendary “Calle arriba, calle abajo" by Mak y Los Desertores, and an emotional unreleased LA GRAN ESPERANZA BLANCA: "Más allá de la colina". Both groups available to the fans a hard rock one and only football fan for the enjoyment of all rockers, football fans, fans of Valencia CF or simply good football or just the opposite.
Los Radiadores also released his last album "Bienvenido" in Flor y Nata Records.
La Gran Esperanza Blanca, they have published the albums “Hay folk, blues y tambien rock’n’roll”,
“Medicine Show” and “Harry Dean”, and varied EPs.