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L'Équilibriste - cd Què en saps tu, de bicicletes i parafangos? - FyN-39 - Flor y Nata Records
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"Què en saps tu, de bicicletes i parafangos?" - FyN-39 - CD- 8435015511166

Indie rock made in Mallorca

L’ÉQUILIBRISTE born in september 2007 with former members of Joan Toni Skarabat. They bet for beaking the way of former new musical experiences. With this records they tried to be closer to indie-rock inspired in band as Band of Horses, Death Cab For Cutie, Terrene, The New Frontiers, Teenage Fanclub... between some others.

A mix of melodies & strong guitars

The record “QUÈ EN SAPS TU DE BICICLETES I PARAFANGOS?” include 10 songs in catalan language that a clear indie rock character give off some more tuneful and light times and other more conclusive and guitar. The CD is opened with “No me fotràs mai mes” where they make some voices games not usual at rock songs, but with a big succes, the first hit single is “Aquest món que vivim” where melodies are mixed with powerful guitars and the song explains how many hard is to live keeping a positive way of life in front the world. You can listen too “Si me vens aixi” where again guitars and voices are figthing for ataking prominence.

L’ÉQUILIBRISTE are formed by Joan Toni Fuster (voice, guitar & songwriter), Alberto Feo (keyboards & voices), Albert Riutort (guitars & voices), Joan Jaume (bass) & Curro Viera (drums). “QUÈ EN SAPS TU DE BICICLETES I PARAFANGOS?” wasw recorded and mixed in Santa Maria del Camí & Santa Eugènia (Mallorca Island) between june 2008 and july 2009 by L’ÉQUILIBRISTE & Mateu F. Ambrós. The cover and visual art was designed by Tomeu Mulet.

Two intense years of concerts & very good critics

During these two years of life have carried several shows. Some of the most importants are: The final from the Contest ENGANXA’T A LA MÚSICA 07 (Sala Suau, Reus), The demo tapes contest REC-PLAY by IB3 Ràdio where they was finalist in the open award cathegory and at the most creativity in catalan language, & the 3th award at SONOPALMA 2008 (Ayuntamiento de Palma). They play live too at Cultura Club, Sala Polaroide, Sala Assaig, Casino Royale, Assaig Cafè, Sa Rocketa 08, Alternatilla 09 o el Festival d9.cat in Mallorca Island.