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Pants Off - cd-digital "Y llegas tarde" - FyN-1002
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video: "Nadie más" & "Making-off de Nadie más" (youtube)

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Pants Off - cd-digital "Y llegas tarde" FyN-1002 - 8435015510749

From “Domingo's a las 7”, the first record of PANTS OFF, these have not stopped playing and his song “Salir de aqui” is had become a smash-hit record in the indie scene, included a big penetration between the most teen audience.

Songs as “Fashion Victim” or “Y Yo” have not been been back and have contributed to that is talked both in clubs and in secondary schools of Fonso (bass and voice), Rocky (guitar and voice), Diego (guitar and voice) and Varela (drums) well beyond of his home city A Estrada (Pontevedra, at NW of Spain).

Which already are considered as “the new revelation punk-American” cut pop will be this summer downloading his “irreverent songs for young lewd” in different stages.


And to celebrate it present a record in special edition that alone will be able to achieve in his concerts or in download (pay per download) on the internet.

In his concerts will be able to to do you with an on that contains all the graphical portion perfectly made in printing works and a DOWNLOAD CODE with which will be able to get off of internet when you want, 100% legal, at the maximum possible quality, 100% free to virus and malwares and a lower price from which would cost you in your megastore to the being able to eliminate expenses and intermediaries. Even in a “top blanket” would be most expensive.

“Y LLEGAS TARDE” is a reasoned record for his more and more several fans that include 5 songs of “Domingo a las 7”, from his first hit single “Salir de aqui” to “Nadie Más” with the pop video (more making-off), and three bonus tracks exclusive, versions “demo’07” from “Salir de Aquí”, “Vuelta a empezar” and “Confrontacion”, and much more...... PANTS OFF pregnant pure.


1 – Visit www.florynatarecords.com/tienda3.htm, search the cover of PANTS OFF and just get it.
2 – A concerts, you can find an envelope with all the printed grafic parts and a DOWNLOAD CODE to download it from a web site.
3 – Soon, at the best legal digital sales “Y Llegas Tarde” by PANTS OFF.


Pants Off - ep "Domingo a las 7" - FyN-37 - Flor y Nata Records
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Pants Off- ep - FyN-37 "Domingo a las 7"- 8435015510565

Punk-Pop with irreverent lyrics for lewd young people !

PANTS OFF are the new PUNK-POP revelation at American Style but "made in Galicia" with pop dose of and irreverent letters and with components born and raised in A Estrada (Pontevedra) and Lugo (both in NW of Spain).

Until arriving at this first disc, a EP-CD titled "Domingo a las 7" (Sunday, 7 pm), the trajectory of Fonso (bass and voice), Rocky (guitar and voice), Diego (guitar and voice) and Varela (drums) as PANTS OFF has been fast and safe from the beggining of the band in September 2006. One first demo in 2007, some change from trio to quartet with Diego’s entrance, were giving the present format them.

“Domingo a las 7”, the most waited debut disc

The 2008 agenda has been filled, more than 20 live concerts in Galicia, as much in solitaire as sharing venue with Losthopes, All the Cream (both also with discs in Flor y Nata Records), Deaf Noise, Nao or Maryland.

In May’08 was cover at the digital edition of La Voz de Galicia (newspapper) and the group was invited for the live concert of the collective CD "A Estrada en pé".

Summer’08 was been busy, between the CD preparation and some concerts around Galicia, finishing the year with the recording of its first disc. A 5 songs CD filled with "humor and sounds apt for lewd young people" (D. Súarez – La Voz de Galicia).

“Domingo a las 7”, el esperado disco de debut

And 2008 culminates itself with the edition of his first disc “Domingo a las 7”, a condensed selection of his better pop-punk shoots. A disc intense and worked until the last detail, in which at the first listening you’re hanging from “Salir de aquí” (First hit single), “Nadie más”, “Fashion victim” or even the sweet “Y yo”.