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"Platypus Poetry"
FyN-45-CD 8435015511463

PROMENADE “Platypus poetry”

PROMENADE rise and born in Cornella de Llobregat (Barcelona) in 2001 guided in principle to the electronic rock. In its first months of life, are finalists at the DYCrectos Rock Contest and are winners at the Cornella Rock Contest. They play in Zaragoza, Valencia, Malaga, Granada, Murcia and Madrid in addition to Catalonia and released their first LP "Do you like it?".

As time passes, PROMENADE, or what is the same: Agus (vocals), Richard (guitar), Sergio (bass) and Tom (drums, vocals) and evolve, they leave aside their more electronic side by opting indie-rock into a clear british vocation that allows play to discover the sources from which they drank.

While both are sharing the stage with artists and groups as diverse as Fangoria, Conchita, Javier Gurruchaga or Second.

Adult Indie-rock with private lyrics

And so on down to their second album "Platypus Poetry" A mature work, with very personal lyrics, written by Agus, that reflect their moods, feelings and particular inner world with a powerful and effective implementation would sign any band of recognized.

Lose Control, a “sexual passion song”

“Lose Control" is the first hit single from “Platypus Poetry”. The author defines it as "is a song of sexual passion and devotion to feminine beauty. Tell about, without mentioning it, the Passion of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, to compare the passion of the cult of female beauty as channeling the universe, and the passion that causes a woman to see her hips moving. Only love will save us, but only love will also make us sin. Lose Control also evokes a sense of duality that causes the female beauty, able to save us and make us sin. The lust of the item arrives at the end, when the two protagonists of the story hit the feast ...".

As a concession to his electronic age, the CD includes an interesting remix of “Lose Control” by Duff & Dotfive.

In "Platypus Poetry" also draws attention to the design of the cover by Sergio (bass) and Carole Edet with a pervasive Platypus. “A platypus is a unique animal, and a strange beauty that seems to be the whim of another God, as Charles Darwin said when she saw him first. However, some of the early scientists who studied it unfairly dropped could be a kind of genetic joke. To complete the picture has something that few know: it is poisonous. PROMENADE never felt so identified with something or somebody".