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Teléfono Rojo - cd "El hombre del tiempo" - Flor y Nata Records
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Teléfono Rojo
"El hombre del tiempo"
FyN-55-CD - 8435015512620

TELÉFONO ROJO -“El Hombre del tiempo”

TELÉFONO ROJO (Hotline) is a direct line and without intermediaries between Pelayo Fernandez musical creativity (Gallego restless, passionate about what they do and excited about the idea to make their songs) and that part of your brain which are kept songs worthy of being remembered. Teléfono Rojo is pure POP.

A whirlwind of disparate influences

TELÉFONO ROJO present their first album "El Hombre del Tiempo" though Pelayo is not a newcomer, at the age of 17 formed Los Krapulas, a garage band, punk-rock and melodic hardcore that gave his first concerts. Some experiences as a Rubik arrived in early 2011 when the project takes shape TELÉFONO ROJO. And they look like perfect pop record based merge influences here and there: The Beatles, Weezer, The Beach Boys, The Who, Los Flechazos, The Byrds, etc ...

The songs come one after another ("Una Vespa blanca y azul", "Lulu," "Aquellos maravillosos años"...) to complete the 12. It has been six months of work and effort, composition, recording, production, and mixing to give form to "EL HOMBRE DEL TIEMPO". A debut album Pelayo himself defined as "a whirlwind of disparate influences that uses the pop cooler and fun as the core."

"Lulu" is selected as the first hit single to publicize the album and features his video, pop concentrated in less than two minutes and that is that sometimes the old sayings are wise ... "The good, if brief twice good"

TELÉFONO ROJO it is formed by Pelayo Fernández, guitar and vocals, with Iván Vale on bass and vocals is worth, and Peque guitar, keyboard, harmonica, percussion and vocals. You have prepared what will be the tour to promote the album "EL HOMBRE DEL TIEMPO".

TELÉFONO ROJO is a rush of optimism and energy, the history being written right here ...