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Los Tuercas - cd "Los Tuercas" - FyN-60 - Flor y Nata Records
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Los Tuercas
FyN-75-CD - 8435015517120

The fourth album of Los Tuercas

This is the fourth album of Torrent (Valencia) formed in 2005, after his debut EP "Piruletas" (2007), the LP "Glamour" (2008); and by trio format, LP "Los Tuercas" (2011), and soon this long "Guigneooza" (2015).
Los Tuercas have wanted digital headway on the song "Bares y Mataderos".
The LP was recorded live as they like, bases and guitars in the studio La Nau (Alcacer), then in Pandemonium Sudios make the voices and instruments to add some more as well as mixes. Paid by the producer Uve Martinez (Sokolov, Peepshow, Skimoes, Groovettes ...), with whom understood musically great as it is the third album with him. The design is by David Lanza.

"Guigneooza" is the strange title of his 4th album
(Only those occurrences that happen in the rehearsal room)

On the album you will find the rock'n'roll in castilian, most basic and very classic, concanciones as "Bares y Mataderos" (the single that I now present), "Mexicana", "Lobo feroz", "Chica rock'n'roll", "En el infierno estoy" , "The blues of Robert Johnson" (King of the Delta Blues), until 10 new original songs.

Upcoming opportunities to hear the songs live

By May, prepare your presentation in an authentic "ranch" on the outskirts of Torrent (Valencia), where they will feel very comfortable, because no one canteen, but there are stables, all with a very country setting. Another presentation, this time in Valencia on 16 Toneladas and Madrid in La Boca
Club. And we will inform you later.

Carlos G. Chaparro: vocals, bass, harmonica;
Nando Silla: guitar and vocals
and Angel Carrion: drums.


Los Tuercas - cd "Los Tuercas" - FyN-60 - Flor y Nata Records
promotional info in word format or pdf format.

Lyrics here.
promotional pictures here
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Los Tuercas
"Los Tuercas"
FyN-60-CD - 8435015512675


In Valencia everybody knows to LOS TUERCAS and their usual impudence at his concerts. They are rockanrolling the major venues and festivals (Circuit de Rock, Rockejat ...) since 2005, sharing stages with Sidonie, Lori Meyers or La Excepcion and the songs of her two previous albums (their first EP "Piruletas" and their CD "Glamour ") have played in the radio shows of reference.
So your next step had to be ... joining Flor y Nata Records. Where else?

Charming Rock and roll and contagious rhythms. LOS TUERCAS is one of the rock and roll style with a shameless very particular concept that mixes catchy rhythms, lyrics that tell stories of real life and a staging that goes beyond simple barrier concert to be at the border of the show.
At 2011, LOS TUERCAS changes from quartet to trio go and prepare a new album called like them, without more, and which remain faithful to a sound and an attitude of constant mischief, shamelessly juvenile provocation ...

To start... a “FORD ROBADO”

The songs can not be more current address issues that are on the road, "Ford robado", politically incorrect title if there ever has it all to be a generational anthem: "This life is a failure, homeless and penniless, no car and no job, we will begin" in the drinking of the best Argentine rock groups mixed with a Mick Jagger in its fullness ...; "Nada es como tu" is pure conformism and accelerated, with "El Veneno de la Yoli" the girls come into play, the “bad girls”, you understand, because the "good girls" would never go the arm of a somebody as a TUERCA. In "Barbie" returns to surface their most scoundrel, the girl may be the prettiest of the party, but ... "You do not like me, cute Barbie ...". We have bad girls, alcohol as in "Rock'n'Ron" and we needed a game in the slot, in "La Perla del Caribe".

The album was produced by repeating formula for Uve Martinez and mastered by Jose Maria Rosillo. Counting on the design and photography by Assad Kassab (Sokolov group).

Fernando Silla: vocals and guitar,
Carlos G. Chaparro: vocals, bass, harmonica,
and Angel Carrion: drums.

And you will not want to see any of them dating with your sister, but you'll have a great time with their songs and concerts.