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My Vestal - digital single - FyN-78
"New Archetype" - 8435015514839
advance your long play "Guidelines"

Marcos Perez and Eve Reall begin in 2009 his musical project : MyVestal

Asturian & Madrid duo, born in 2009, after his first LP "MyVestal" (2010), the EP "Lucky" (2012), a digital single "Soul Keeper" (2013), now we advance what will be his new production "Guidelines" with the song "New Archetype".

Between the analog and digital world

The analog synths and Hammond again be on hand at this new single MyVestal.
Arpeggios and sequences emanating from the depths to converge in great choruses. Dance and electronic, reminiscent of the 90s, and valvular sound, with impeccable vocal melodies, resulting in a powerful, strong and modern sound.
Had previously been defined as "electro-vintage," without moving from the wide range of electronic rock, with instrumentations from others decades.
From Hestia Films Studios production, a perfect blend between the analog and digital world.
New Archetype is the card that long precedes its "Guidelines".

In the words of Eve, the singer: "the concept that exudes this single is the need to create a new archetype of being human, material reborn obscurantism, and step forward to break ranks towards changing the worn paradigm.
After exhaustion and existential ennui, the world demands something fresh and positive vitality.
Awaken consciences !!"

My Vestal - digital single - FyN-65
"Soul Keeper" - 8435015514839

MyVestal - epcd "Luchky"
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doc format or pdf format

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My Vestal - ep-cd - FyN-65
"Lucky" - 8435015513320

MY VESTAL: “Electro-Vintage”

It was on February 2009 when in Oviedo (Asturias, North Spain) agreed Marcos Perez, a Moog keyboards, Hammond organ and Fender guitars fan with experience in several garage bands, with Eva Fernandez, the owner of a personal voice that given before to Susan 6 and Esmussein. Together they started the project MY VESTAL.

A project based on the fusion of pop, rock and electronic themselves labeled as ELECTROVINTAGE a personal sound and recognizable dotted with many influences, both musical: Goldfrapp, Suede, Muse, PJ Harvey, and literary: Tom Spanbauer, William Blake, or movie: Veronica Lake.
There have even been those who have found points of connection between Eva Fernandez and Bjork.

Pop, Rock & electronic

MY VESTAL soon proclaimed winners from 12th Oviedo Rock City Contest, received four nominations at the Asturias Music Awards and self-produce their first album "My Vestal" which was followed by a lot of concerts. "We never use pre-recorded basis, but are scheduled" qualifies in this respect the musician. "They are thrown from a sequencer that controls the keyboards, so every sound can be modified and modular transform at any time, so our sound in live."

“Never say never” the preview fron the CD “Lucky”

Flor y Nata Records noticed them around summer and have the result, an album called "Lucky" in which MY VESTAL will choose to promote its most rock and electro. "In our songs we try to inner feelings, human emotions, emotional states ... It is a music of contrasts Sometimes an idea is sad but it is said in a contrast musically, and vice versa. This translates into a game of emotions sought by you inside and makes you think how you feel. "

The advancement of "Lucky" is "NEVER SAY NEVER", a show that perfectly sums up the electro-vintage sound that is created by merging the unique melodies of vocalist Eva Fernandez, guitar sounds and synths, by Marcos Perez.