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Carlos Siles - cd - FyN-67 - "Doce maneras de esperar el final " - 8435015513665

Carlos Siles - cd "Cuántas veces habré intentado que juegues conmigo" - FyN-36 - Flor y Nata Records
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Carlos Siles - cd - FyN-36 "Cuántas veces habré intentado que jueges conmigo" - 8435015510602

“Cuántas veces habré intentado que juegues conmigo”
(How many times I tryed you play with me)

“When we’re in front an artist who perfectly combines excellent lyrics,elaborated rhythms and very guessed right and on all a unique and very characteristic voice, we do not have more to waver before its greatness" (Tolo Leal, Diario Cordoba)

If to that we added the enigmatic cover with which CARLOS SILES presents his disc to us "How many times I tryed you play with me", it is clear that al cellophane around the CD has left few seconds of life...

“I understand songs as colors...”

What we’ll find when we listent it?
11 songs, all they composed by CARLOS SILES (Granada, October 25th 1984), a young person who in the last times has taken control of a name in the Madrid venues circuit. That it is himself who introduces to us in its songs...

"I understand the songs like colors. I think that to each song a color corresponds to him. In fact I think that to almost everything a color corresponds to him "," sometimes seems that we have put him voice to a movie sound track, and one realizes of which even so, she is popular and people react as she reacts in front a sound track, producing moods ". CARLOS SILES has put two already music to short movies and a documentary one.

It’s important to say that We’re not in front a normal songwriter, the thematic one of the songs, the atmosphere, the loudness, the scene, even the chosen support of keyboard - piano and violoncello, locate him beside the intimist and elegant side of the indie scene.

Cello & piano contribute to an unique and atractive sound

At the CD and also live, CARLOS have as mates: Javier "Coke" Fernandez (keyboard, piano and vibraphon) and Elena Perez (violoncello) "She’s unique improvising and conforming themselves to any song at the most original way".

“In the disc there are xylophones, organs, violoncello glisandos, guitars with nut... everything very apparently infantile, but with darker evolutions. You will find roots from the Beatles of the most lysergic time, or to Elliot Smith in the treatment of the almost invisible doubles voices of many of the songs, but keeping almost always sometimes a sound close to Neil Diamond or things like that". "the production is dangerous, right, and we go to a reduced audience, not because we want, but music is there".
If you ask him for who do influence to him, He will say you: Elliott Smith, Jorge Drexler, Rufus Wainwright, Christina Rosenvinge or Radiohead, without forgetting to The Beatles, "When I was11 years old I wanted to make songs like the Beatles", "enchant the classic brush-strokes ones to me in modern music, I decided to include violoncello by the song Eleanor Rigby". On the other hand press, contributes with new points of view: "with clear influences that go from The Beatles to Los Piratas, Carlos Siles obtains next to his band a style closer to the british pop of the 60 than to the classic ones of the song of Spanish author" (Man Magazine).

“Tobogán” (1st hit single) caught you & touch your skin”

It is difficult to fall in love with just one song... "Tobogán" (first hit single), "Cenicienta", "Baila Nena", or the game of words of "Cuadradorredondo", all has something catches and that touch your skin.... "the lyrics and the songs have inevitably childhood reminiscences, falls, flights, jumps... and the atmosphere usually begins like something innocent or infantile becoming to something dark".

In this disc, Carlos could have had collaborator and to the time luxury friends:
Zahara: It finishes signing with Universal and is recording with Carlos Jean. Although now she lives in Barcelona and she has created a band with the keyboards of Love of Lesbian and more well-known people, in Madrid and Granada are an institution of the indie most commercial.
Luis Ramiro: After 1er disc in Sony (Cometa Record), she has recorded 2º with Pancho Varona.
Aroah: The press and the world of folk in Spain have it in great consideration from their first disc.
Ginés Martinez: Battery of Cooper and Paul Collins.

The disc is produced by Antonio Astray that hoards a great experience recording live to many indie groups of Spain and has produced to Felix Arias (Half of Lovely Luna together to Xoel López) to Paul Collins...

And from where has left CARLOS SILES?

We have already said that he was born in Granada (Spain), at 14 years old began to compose songs, but that did not go until left to study towards Madrid, when it began to show them al public in the scenes of the most important clubs in Madrid and some escape by the rest of Spain, all it gave like result one first demo in 2005.

In live, besides to offer its own songs, they have been possible to him to listen to very personal covers of songs by Jorge Drexler, The Turtles or of The Temptations.

CARLOS SILES will show his disc "Cuántas veces habré intentado que juegues conmigo" in Clamores Club (c/. Alburquerque, 14) in Madrid next the May 7th.

"Because now it is impossible to lie down for back. It is a necessity. A vice ".