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Smoking Victims - cd "Satélite" FyN-66 - Flor y Nata Records
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Smoking Victims - cd - FyN-66

When asked when will your next album, his answer was:
"Theirs would return before humans
live in colonies on Mars ... "

... and they have met, so ...
Ladies & Gentlemes, earthlings in general ...


SMOKING VICTIMS return to Earth from the planet Málaga to present their third album "SATELITE" with 12 "coplillas punk" and one cover.
SMOKING VICTIMS were launched into space in 1999, they made ??melodic hardcore in English language (of course. They don’t speak English ...) until exhausted of anybody on Earth understand the songs, changed their language. In 2008 they released their first album "Si, Yo repetí 8º de EGB" full of punk-pop-rock-surf & garage, next year they sent a new disk to the galaxies "Nosotros estuvimos aquí (1999-2009)", with the peculiarity that was released only in Japan.

But some space voyages are long and our SMOKING VICTIMS were cryopreserved until this 2012 and this time reduced to trio (as in the Apollo rockets), Charli on bass and vocals, Efrain with drums and vocals and Javi on guitar and voice, presented "SATELLITE" his third ship. To which they invited on a trip to Adolfo Airbag has singed with them on "Satellite", Miguel and Ale (Sputnik Veneno) for voices "S.M.O.K.I.N.G." and as commander of the Castle Rock Studies: Raul Ranea with the final solo in "Surfin'Urano" and of course, to Joaquin Niki who has worked in the mastering.

SATÉLITE: 12 coplillas punk & one cover

"SATÉLITE" will not disappoint his followers, or the Airbag, F.A.N.T.A, Shock Treatment or Ramones, declaring the followers, 13 good dose of punk-pop with lyrics about everyday topics on Earth: claustrophobia in Ikea megastore, Phantom houses al Milenio 3 (a spanish TV show), endless love and misadventures to an apocalyptic end of the world ... come on, what everyday!

Once landed, SMOKING VICTIMS, who have been saving until the arrival of "SATÉLITE", promise not to stop giving shows full of energy and fun in all bases and interplanetary launchers that put them ahead.