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Losthopes - ep-cd Without heroes - FyN-35 - Flor y Nata Records
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"Without heroes" - FyN-35 - EP-CD- 8435015510459

LOSTHOPES “Without heroes”

Nobody could suspect the one that was ready to happen in the month of March of 2008. Casy, Mauro, Erik and Brais, four boys from A Guarda (Pontevedra) (just very close to the portuguese border) known in certain atmospheres as LOSTHOPES, locked in in a called place Litium Record, in Pontevedra with technician Rafa Darrosa to give form to which it would be his first disc... WITHOUT HEROES.

They were known at the begginig of 2004 and soon they saw that they had the sufficient affinities like to have a only one destiny in LOSTHOPES. Casy (voice & guitar), Mauro (guitar & voice), Erik (bass) & Brais (drums & choirs). And from the beggining they have remained together, with the original members.


Same they define themselves as "Softcore" but with a clean and powerful style and with live shows plenty of vitality and energy. They have played frequently, sharing poster with Eternal Tango (Luxembourg), Lace Up (Italy) Larkin (Portugal), All the Cream, Newake, NOC among others and has been able to see on the scene of emblematic venues as the Iguana Club or the La Fábrica de Chocolate.

Until now they just had participated at the compilations "Rock'n'Guarda" Vol. 1 & 2. In first with a cover from Taking Back Sunday and at the second one already with an own song: "Better than Nothing".


Still without an own disc they have gained a prestige between which they look for that type of bands still little known but with potential as to give the great jump. Proof of it is the 100,000 visits and almost the 10,000 friends of their MySpace.

2008 ir the year of its debut. WITHOUT HEROES includes, in addition to the song that gives title to the disc and of that soon we will have videoclip: “Summer ends”, “Charmed house”, “Revenge" (un interludio de 30 segundos), “Bottomless pit” y “Dress your voice”.