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Los Summers - cd La chica de cada verano - FyN-29 - Flor y Nata Records
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Los Summers
"La chica de cada verano" - FyN-29 - CD- 8435015510077

Los Summers

“La chica de cada verano”...and THIS summer record!

Few times the cover of a disc has said so much and so clear of a disc and of which it contains...

Well: It’s clear that they are 4: Juantxo (bass & voice), Francis (guitarr, casiotone & voice), Oscar (guitarr) and Anibal (drums & voices). The car lisence plate algo give us another clue, Yes! They are fom Almeria (South East of Spain).

Se llaman LOS SUMMERS, vemos playa, sol y una tabla de surf y el CD se titula “LA CHICA DE CADA VERANO”, así que ya sabemos de que van las canciones: verano, sol, playa, chicas... o lo que es lo mismo: Diversión en estado puro, la portada también nos aporta el dato de que el cd tiene “15 nuevos y alocados éxitos musicales”, 15 alocadas piezas de pop-punk con toquecitos de surf y power pop que, por si fuera poco que están en un lujoso y espectacular sonido stereo.

They are named LOS SUMMERS, we see beach, sun and a suft table and the CD is titled "LA CHICA DE CADA VERANO" (Every summer girl), so we know that the songs talk about: summer, sun, beach, girls... or what is the same: Pure FUN, the cover also give us that the CD have "15 new and crazy music hits", 15 pop-punk wild songs with touchs of surf and power pop in a luxurious and spectacular stereo sound.

And if we turn the CD box, we see that it is published by FLOR Y NATA RECORDS, the oldest of the spanish indie labels, and that is something of which all the groups cannot be conceited. The cover is deliberately 60’s, and is that LOS SUMMERS drink of the sources of The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Ronettes, Roy Orbison, Françoise Hardy, Del Shannon, Los Brincos, but also of the Ramones.

“Que vuelva el verano”

“QUE VUELVA EL VERANO” is the first hit single, a perfect song to be entering the summer atmosphere and those vacations that already we have glided. But the CD does not finish here, or we have seen that it had 15 songs, like "Impuntual", "No volverte a ver", "Marta" or "No vuelvo al Lago Ness" will be to us accompanying throughout the next months, that everything does not have to be the Olympic Games in Beijing. For the second hit single already is preparing a videoclip in which I am afraid that much snow, will not have..
Then that, recharges your ipod, sun protector and enjoy it...