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Días de Incienso - cd "El amor hace tolerable la vida al tacto" - Flor y Nata Records

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Días de Incienso - "El amor hace tolerable la vida al tacto" - FyN-32 - 8435015510275

“El Amor hace la vida tolerable al tacto” (The love makes life tolerate to tact) That is the tnew disc title of DÍAS DE INCIENSO, an original band of Malaga but settled down in Madrid from 2006, on six years of history and more than 300 concerts and according to they count "formed by one from Antequera, another from Comares, another one from a unknown place and a Majorcan whom beach does not need and del that the legend tells that it did his first drooms solo in the midwife tits".

Just this details would be sufficient to caught the attention on this band, but we can add that same they define as “polyhedral invertebrate pop rock" or the one that are left little clearer "letters taken care of, forcefulness in the rythmical base and melody in the guitars". Who have seen them live said that you can see rooths from Pereza, Duncan Dhu, 091, U2, Héroes del Silencio, Stone Roses and Echo & The Bunnymen.

After early demos of which they got to sell up to 600 copies in the concerts, to participate in festivals and aids and to obtain excellent critics ("one of the rock bands from Málaga with more future" Diario Sur, "one of the bands called to revitalize the national rock" Mondosonoro), they published the MiniCD "Plantas Mágicas" (2005), after as and with the clear ideas ("we do not want that music is ours second option"), goes to Madrid.

An attractive disc from its title

The result of these two last years of work has been "EL AMOR HACE LA VIDA TOLERABLE AL TACTO", 12 songs that reflect the musical universe between the psichedelic pop dand the Spanish rock of the 80 and 90 that has been recorded between the Cambayá Estudios in Antequera and Maliciosa Records in Madrid, mixed by Jairo Zavala (Vacazul) and masterized in Mexico by Sergio Cascales.

The elected song as fiest hit single "Líneas de celuloide en el mar” (Celluloid lines in the sea) transport us to the search of a love in a world limited by the measures of a silver screen with a loaded letter of simbology and a melody that almost without giving account us is introduced to us in the brain, not giving us account until day following when we are surprised singing it in the shower and with as forceful verses as "If God exists, he is movies producer". From this song a videoclip filmed in Almeria is being finished.

DÍAS DE INCIENSO are: Javier Titos García (voice & guitar), Manolo Pérez Artacho (guitar), Chuso Báez Alcaide (bass) & Miquel Ferrer Ferra (drums).